ended of first year bachelor.

Assalamualaikum and haiiiii everyone!

Alhamdulillah. After a long journey until i survive here. currently at University Malaysia Perlis and just ended my first year bachelor's life. getting through this thick and tough journey will make me stronger after this. Even i'm not get opportunity to studies oversea that i admired after a long time, i realize it doesn't care where you study but how you make it clear to your self to survive in this journey.

Just another 2 years more babe. you will make it and graduate. oh my God, i just can't wait! Starting my internship for another 2 weeks after we celebrate Raya Day! really nervous and i don't know what i have to do and really sick thinking of that coming soon! i even didn't excited to celebrate Raya, no new clothes and just wear what i have. i think this is just enough and i really grateful my parents still alive.

oh wait! i decide to share with you my first year journey in university. enjoy!

Wearing my uniform while on duty. hehe.

Annual Dinner Sispa University Malaysia Perlis.

first year housemate.

Class that i never disappointed if i go. This english class on Monday and 5pm until 7pm. oh my God, u can imagine how i will feel lazy at that time to listen to lecturer. BUT this Miss, will not disappointed  you. NEVER feel sleepy in her class okay!

This is NOT my boyfriend. This is my boss in my squad. he is nephew of one of the minister. doesn't miss a chance to take a picture with him. No one know if one day he can be one of the minister right ?


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